Textile table linen cleaning instructions

It is essential to wash the garment before the first use for its better conservation.
Maximum washing temperature is 60 degrees. Maximum temperature for washing intense colors 40 degrees.
For colored items, never use detergents containing OPTIC WHITE.
Use only and exclusively on white items.
Never calender or iron the garment without first checking that the stains have disappeared, since oil stains will remain thermosetting in the fabric and will be very difficult to remove it later.
In articles 60% polyester40% cotton do not exceed 140 degrees due to the fabric structure.
Maximum iron temperatura is150 degrees. Do not exceed 140 degrees in the fabrics 60% polyester 40% cotton due to its structure.
Pio Tavola cannot guarantee due to the great complexity and diversity in current detergents:
– No fading after continuous washings.
– That the stains produced by oils and saturated fats completely disappear.

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